An Eagle Among Blackhawks

Almost July 4th…USA.USA.USA.


Hello viewers,

I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to post in like a week and a half and obviously you were all craving a new post.

It’s funny I’m talking about me not having time to post, when that is what I have been researching and presenting about. It is Giles & Associates (GAC)’s 15th Anniversary this July! Lisa keeps saying that that time flew by since the company’s start in 2000. With the 15th Anniversary celebrations, Lisa is launching a new website update and along with that, wants to gain a bigger presence on social media sites. One of the main points I keep repeating is that you need to post relevant and timely content, and to post frequently. Meanwhile, half the time I can’t remember to post on my blog once a week!

I have been working on a lot of other projects as well. I have been researching accountable care organizations (ACOs) and integrated delivery networks (IDNs ) for an “Expert Panel” that GAC is holding mid-August. These networks and organizations are a type of coordinated care designed to ensure that patients get the correct attention at the right time. They are collaborations of doctors, hospitals and physicians. I used to think that Lehigh Valley Hospital was large, until I started researching all of these other healthcare organizations and realized it is not as large as I had once thought. Some of these facilities have 8,000 beds while LVHN has 1,000…huge difference.

Annnnnyway, my cool mom and grandma came out on Wednesday the 23rd, my grandma didn’t get to stay for long because she actually came out west to stay at my Uncle’s house in Wisconsin!

G-ma and momma at the Cellar at the Stained Glass…yum!

Thursday, they dropped me off at work and got a tour of the office, which is when my super generous boss asked my mom and I if we would like to spend the night at her condo in Chicago Friday into Saturday!

So on Friday my mom and I went to this place in Evanston called the Coffee Lab, which is amaaaaaaazing!

yummy breakfast at the Coffee Lab

I love it there so much. Afterwards, we headed into Chicago to start our day. We headed out to State Street where there is a ton of shopping and we hit up Giordano’s for some delicious pizza.

Try and tell me this pizza and Blood Orange Mojito doesn’t look amazing!

Eventually, we found our way back to the condo after our feet were practically dead (mine were decent because I traded in my Sperry’s for a sweet pair of Nike’s). The view from the condo was incredible, which prompted my mom to tell me that she didn’t even need to go to the Skydeck. There was so much to do and it was sad that she was only here for a couple of days! I miss my momma already.

Just the sweet view from Lisa’s condo!!

I am looking forward to seeing Dylan tomorrow though!! After a full day of work, I am heading down to O’Hare to pick him up, and my boss allowed me to take off Thursday in addition to my Friday’s off! Needless to say, I am pretty pumped. Not only will I be seeing my awesome boyfriend tomorrow, the US Women’s National Team just kicked Germany’s A$$$$ and we are headed to the final!!!!! Everyone better tune into the game on Sunday night!


Lacek out.

mom and i at the Bean (aka Cloud Gate)
Navy Pier…..GO USA