An Eagle Among Blackhawks

Third week already???



So this past week was full of adventure. I took my bike all the way down to Navy Pier on a beautiful Saturday morning. It was super fun because I got lost for about 4 miles….but I eventually used my great sense of direction to get back on track. The views are just fantastic as you get to Lakefront Trail with the Skyline in the distance. On my way back, I began racing a fellow biker on the trail, although I think I was the only one aware of the contest…I won.

Then, on Sunday, I finally summoned up the courage to take the “L” into Chicago to explore the city. I took the purple line to the red line down to Roosevelt (not that that probably means anything to anyone), then walked over to Shedd Aquarium. If you ever get a chance, visit Shedd because it is the coolest Aquarium—but order your tickets ahead of time, I made the mistake of not doing so and had to wait in line for 5 billion hours..not really, but almost. Then as I was leaving, two girls asked me to take a picture of them with the skyline in the background, and they took one of me in return (see below).

pretty right?

I walked over to Buckingham Fountain, mainly in hopes that Prince William would be there mistaking it for Buckingham Palace…much to my dismay he was not awaiting my arrival. After getting sprayed with water from the fountain (they don’t call it the Windy City for no reason) I stumbled unknowingly into Blues Fest & Rib Fest, which was really cool and very tasty! Then after being in the city for like 8 hours, I finally decided to head back up to Evanston.

Buckingham Fountain!

At my internship for the past week, I have been working on a couple of different projects, but a majority of them are based around social media marketing, and generating stats on how its use could help GAC better brand itself among competitors. I’ve been looking mainly at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I used to think Facebook was all the rage, and a lot of businesses use Facebook, but why? I feel like our generation doesn’t use it for anything other than creeping on old classmates. Thus, I found that a larger presence on LinkedIn and Twitter is more worth our while, especially when out clientele are large pharmaceutical companies. I will be presenting my findings to Lisa Giles and the rest of the GAC employees this Monday…wish me luck!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming weekends…this weekend I think I will head south into Chinatown to eat some delicious food. Next week my momma is coming to visit with my grandma so I get to show them my new hood 🙂 and then over July 4th Dylan is coming to visit!!! So a lot of excitement and adventure is in my near future.

Until next time…

Oh and go Blackhawks! Pretty badass to be in Chicago when the ‘hawks win the Cup 😉

Blackhawksssss FTW