An Eagle Among Blackhawks

First Week(end)


So, it is only Saturday but a lot has already happened! My first day of work was on Wednesday, where I got to meet fellow coworkers and executives, then was assigned to three specific projects to complete throughout the summer! Oh and I was also given my own email address, sooo I’m kind of a big deal. Just kidding. Anyway, the first thing I did on Wednesday morning was to research some of our clients to get a background of their history as a company. One of the projects I am working on is a client-related project with a large pharmaceutical company. I am very excited to continue this work and learn about the consulting industry, more specifically the healthcare and pharmaceutical side. Everyone in the company is extremely brilliant and very nice. The CEO, Lisa Giles, is actually a Juniata graduate!! Go Eagles! 🙂

I also get every Friday off from work so I have more time to explore the Windy City (more specifically the north side). I can’t wait for a really warm and sunny day to go to one of the beaches to relax and read Inferno (which is apparently a must read novel–I’m excited). I also discovered that I can rent a paddleboard and go out on Lake Michigan for a day! I’m hoping I can keep my balance and not fall off, it will be very interesting.

Anyway, I am continuing to explore this great city with my baby Trek. We have gone on many journey’s together thus far and have racked up quite the mileage. I biked down past Loyola Chicago, and into Rogers Park to bike on Lakefront Trail, which obviously rides alongside the lake. It was so beautiful, and the park was filled with people running, biking, hanging out, playing soccer, and enjoying their Saturday morning. Well, I have one magnificent day left before the work week begins. I hope everyone else enjoys their weekend as well 🙂 Cheers!

Here’s me after biking down to Chicago on Lakefront Trail. I promise I don’t wear helmets for fun, my bike just wasn’t visible here!!
See here it is! 🙂 my pretty Trek & pretty Lake Michigan
And here is just an embarrassing picture that I discovered from my Half Marathon this past weekend…lol