An Eagle Among Blackhawks

Hello Evanston!


I arrived in Evanston, Illinois merely a day ago and it has been nothing but exciting! The city life is so thrilling and fun compared to my rural town in Pennsylvania. Every where I look there are people biking, walking, boarding, and hustling around.

Today, I took myself on a long bike ride to explore Evanston. I rode all the way up a street that ran parallel to Lake Michigan…what a gorgeous and peaceful sight. I eventually ended up at Gillson Beach, which is actually in Wilmette, north of Evanston. There were so many beautiful houses in the area, its amazing I didn’t run into something while looking at them.

Tomorrow begins the first day of my summer internship at Giles & Associates Consultancy (GAC), which is actually located in Lake Bluff, Illinois. GAC is a healthcare consultancy firm, helping pharmaceutical companies develop and maintain strategic plans to reach their future goals. I am so excited to see what my duties and responsibilities will be throughout the duration of my internship!

My pretty bike and the beautiful Lake Michigan 🙂